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Mutual Benefits

Benefits for company or the organization 

Particular Company who are hiring students/candidates doesn’t have to face liabilities or complications regarding current employment legislation, as the candidates are hired as internship/trainees, who only seek internship/training in certain field. This clearly mentions that organization will have the following benefits –

  1. No pay for holidays
  2. No contract of employment
  3. No pay during sickness leave
  4. No notice period
  5. No need to follow any national standards for minimum wages
  6. No Employers N.I. Contributions

Other benefits of our services

  1. The student/candidate can work on projects and research under expert guidance in desired field and know the basics of practical marketing and sales for renowned organization.
  2. The student/candidate will stay indulged in day-to-day marketing activities
  3. After analyzing the company from every possible aspect, the student/candidate can contribute worthy suggestions for the betterment of the company.
  4. Student/candidate get chance to deploy certain activities, which the company can’t afford time and consideration.

Benefits to the candidate or the student

  1. A chance to achieve personal and professional objectives or can improve their personal social communication skills
  2. Develop their personality and character: independent learning platform, sense of responsibility, personal skill enhancement and learn to work in cultural diversity.
  3. Practice theoretical knowledge
  4. Explore their future potential at workplace on international level.
  5. An opportunity to develop professional contacts and links with people working in organization in different fields and interests.

Other benefits to student 

  1. Globalize their Profile/CV/Resume
  2. Facilitate higher education abroad
  3. Advances your command of the English language
  4. Networking with international based companies
  5. Offers an opportunity to communicate with other interns from all over the world
  6. Widen the career opportunities across the world

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